Sunday, March 1, 2009

Say goodbye to this blog

The other day I commented that I might be done with This is Illuminati. Everyone voiced their opinion on the subject and basically told me if I stopped blogging here they would hate me forever (so drastic).

So, I started thinking about this blogs, which sat doing nothing, my other projects and random places I blog and thought "if I could only condense them into one easy place."

So I did.

Introducing, the new It's got everything! A new title! My blogs! My other projects! A banner of me being a jackass! Who could ask for anything more!!!!!!

So blogger is now gone, I am over on the .com. So here is the official housecleaning bidness;
  • If you subscribe via email, click here to get updates from the new blog.
  • If you subscribe via RSS feeder, click here.
  • If you subscribe to a newspaper, seriously, are you 80?
So, this will be the last update here on blogger. Shed a tear. Pour a 40 for the fallen homie that is This is Illuminati.

See you on the .com!

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